How to Handle Insurance Claim Denial


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Millions if not thousands of money can be lost in providers’ offices if  claim denials are not handled correctly. One statistic shows that 47% of denied claims don’t ever get appealed.

Three types of denial that can not be appealed:

1. The denial is correct and there is nothing to appeal.

2. Past the time filing. The biller does not have the time to handle them. It is imperative that every claim denial must be touched and corrected in a timely manner. Each payer has its own timeframe deadline in processing claims. Example, Medicare has 365 days filing period, Wellmed  has 60 days, just to name a few. Payers will not reconsider any claim that are past the timely deadline for appeal or correction.

Develop a Denial Management System.

If time management in handling denials are put into place, then they can be handled in less time. Most time…

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