New iPhone for Business

So, Apple is moving business forward…

Just wanted to quote what I read from their website about this new iPhone.

“When you put iPhone and iOS technology at the center of your business strategy, a new era of possibilities begins. One where employees are empowered with devices they love, where productivity is effortless and innovation happens in the moment. iPhone and iOS enable your business to operate in ways never before possible.”

They claim this one to be Better than ever -for business.

“With 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and new management tools for IT in iOS 9, delivering great security and the best user experience has never been easier. Now businesses have even more ways to transform how they work.”

See what’s new in iOS 9 for business

Discover business transformation in action.

“iPhone and iOS are enabling every industry, every line of business, and every employee to work in astounding new ways.”

See companies using iOS to move business forward

Reimagine work with next-gen apps.

“iOS technology is fueling a whole new generation of apps that bring more power, more insights, and more capability to your business than ever before.”

Explore next-gen apps for business

“Apple and IBM are redefining mobility with a new class of apps made exclusively for iOS. When the world’s best mobile technology works together with big data and analytics, great things happen.”

Discover IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps

Transformation everywhere.

“From manufacturing to emergency services, companies everywhere are transforming their business with iPhone and iOS apps.”

If you want to explore more info., go to their webpage:

It’s pretty interesting how Apple always comes up with the newest tech in the world.


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