Trying to Make a Definite Decision


Making a certain decision that will affect your entire family life is  mentally and physically exhausting. As you all have known, I have been a hard worker all my life, and currently working as a certified medical biller and coder at an Outpatient Surgical Facility. I like my job, I like what I’m doing. I get up every morning with a positive view in mind. Yes, I try to think positive and make the best out of everything – it’s a struggle because there is so much negativity in this wicked world that we are living in.

As much as I struggle to stay positive, there is this one thing that is weighing me down, and I do not know if I can take it lightly unless I make a definite decision about it…  I have a 7 year old son who we are currently homeschooling. My husband and I share a schedule in teaching him. We also have a Nanny who takes care of him while hubby and I are at work during the day. We assign a homework for him during the day everyday (which he does very well) and in the afternoon, we do his schoolwork together. He enjoys  homeschooling better than he does at school. Everything went well for a while. But something happened recently that left me so stressed from scrambling to find a solution as quickly as I can. There is only little time left. Unfortunately though, there is no sure solution unless I take in to action -that involves my job.

Just this past Monday morning while I’m going about my routine at work, I got a phone call from my little boy but I didn’t get to pick up the phone quickly enough. I missed his call. Then I got a text message: MOM CALL ME PLEASE! So I called him right back, he is crying and terrified. His Nanny hurt him AGAIN. (she scratched him, took off a piece of his skin. No, this is not the first, not the second, not the third, but the fourth time she’s chipped a piece of his skin off). My poor baby is crying, and to make things worse, the Nanny tells my son that it was his mistake. As I am speaking with my little boy on the phone, the Nanny grabs his phone and  starts yelling at me. She says: “Look, I take care of your son and I end up being blamed? You know I take care of him don’t you?” So I told her: “Why does my son come home with some parts of his skin missing?”  Guess what she says? “Oh I didn’t do it! Or if I did, I might have not realized it!” I said  “This is not the first time you’ve done this to my son, I kept on giving you the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve had enough with you. You’re abusing my son emotionally and physically.” She did not apologize at all. I could hear my son crying in the background and yelling: “She tells me I am lying but I am Not lying mommy. She hurts me secretly, she thinks I would not see her doing it but I feel the pain, she stuck her sharp nail on my scalp and now she did it in between my fingers and my skin took off and it’s bleeding! She hurt me because I would not let go of her puppy, she told me that it was not my puppy and that it was hers, so I could not carry her puppy! ”

My heart dropped! I called my husband at work, informed him about what happened. He rushed from work to pick up our little boy. He didn’t want me to pick him up from the Nanny because he knew I was going to be very angry with her.  But I still left work early though.

So hubby and our son came to meet me at my office. I feel so bad for my son so I comforted him. So now the reality sets in. We have to find a school that will take him, which most schools do not enroll because it is the end of the school year. No friends are able to help us out. Although some have tried but  most of them care less about our situation. But that’s okay. I don’t rely on them anyway. We got this! That’s what I keep telling myself. Hubby went ahead and took a week off of his job to care for our son while I’m at work. But next week he has to go back to work. So that only means we have to find somebody before next week comes or otherwise, I will have to sacrifice my job. I will gave to quit working. I like my job, but that is far less important than my little boy.


We are still currently weighing things in just to see if we can find other alternatives without having to quit my job. I love my son to the moon and back and I will do anything for him. I will never allow anyone to hurt him ever again. When Monday comes, and if we still have not found a good solution, I will have to turn in an immediate resignation to my boss. It’s not going to be easy but I know I will not ever regret it because I did it for my son.


My precious son and I.

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