JLo and Alex Rodriguez are Engaged!

Seems like celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, the handsome professional baseball player, are finally engaged.

They are the talk of the town right now, as of writing. E! News, Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine are a few of the first ones to release the news online.

In their respective  Instagram accounts, the two posted a photo of what appears to be Jennifer’s hand with a dazzling  huge diamond ring with a caption “she said yes” on Alex’s page. While JLo’s Instagram page also posted the same photo with nothing but a bunch of hearts in the caption text.

Many fans including me are ecstatic over the new revelation as we all are waiting for a long time now.

So please join me in congratulating these two gorgeous lovebirds on their engagement! They make such a perfectly gorgeous couple and they seemed to not get enough of each other.

Love is in the air. I hope they will stay strong together, not allowing anything to ruin their relationship. Keep the love burning, Jennifer and Alex! I can’t wait for the next big step, the big day, the wedding!  Wish you both all the best in this world. 😍❤️

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